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The People Brand are some of the top talents I have ever met. They have a unique ability to understand your business objectives and create marketing tools that are professional, creative, and make a terrific first impression.
Sales Director
Telecommunications Enterprise

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These are incredibly creative minds. The People Brand can translate ideas intos solving real business and marketing needs. They are able to produce the necessary creativity on time and in budget.
Construction Industry

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The People Brand are always there 150%, their eye on the needs and goals of the client. They always strived to make the workflow easy, move it forward, looking for ways to do it better and keep it under budget. 
Real Estate Firm


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Swimming in Culture

Two fish are in a pond, when a third fish comes swimming by. In passing he shouts out, "Morning boys! How's the water?" The two fish watch him swim away, then look at each other with a confused stare. Finally, one says to the other, "What the heck is water?" Too often, we display this same lack of awareness. It's natural. We're oblivious to the water we're swimming in. New employees point out the toxic

Using a Swarm of B’s to

In a recent episode of David Kadavy's Love Your Work podcast, Stanford behavioral scientist BJ Fogg shared a method achieving an aspiration. He calls the exercise "Swarm of B's." Write Down Your Aspiration You start with an outcome you hope to achieve. This aspiration could be something like becoming an effective writer or getting in shape. Write this aspiration down on a sheet of paper. Now, imagine this aspiration is surrounded by a swarm of

How Closure Can Kill Creativity

Many years ago, I volunteered to lead dramas performed at our church. We followed a model promoted by Steve Pedersen at Willow Creek Church near Chicago. He believed church dramas should not be skits. They should be 5-7 minute vignettes of live theatre. The major difference between skits and these vignettes was how they ended. Skits would establish and issue and then resolve it. In real life, challenging issues don't arise and resolve in 5-7